The Exile: Episode 19

As we stood in front of the open car door, I tried to think, to figure our next move. My brain was numb, so tired of the chase. I knew that if we got into the limo, our chances of escaping would drop considerably. Who was this Jackson anyway? What did he want with me? And when he was finished, what next?

I looked at Carmen, still not sure what to do.

“Let’s go!” the man growled between clenched teeth.

Suddenly Carmen screamed as loudly as she could, turning every head in our direction. She let her scream die out as an airport security guard rushed over.

“What’s wrong, miss?” he asked.

“This man told me to get into his limo, and when I refused, he threatened to kill my husband,” Carmen said as tears filled her eyes.

Turning to the man by the limo, the guard demanded, “What’s this about?”

“Come on,” I said grabbing Carmen’s arm and running.

When the security guard saw us, he turned and gave chase with three other men close behind.

Spotting a cab at the edge of the parking lot, I ran out in front of it and held up my hands. The driver slid to a stop and slammed on the horn.

“Are you crazy?” he snapped as we crawled into the cab.

“Drive!” Carmen yelled.

“I’m not going anywhere with you two, missy,” the driver barked.

Suddenly a bullet punched through the windshield. Terrified, the driver floored it and drove away.

“Snipers,” I said as I dropped down in my seat.

“Snipers?” the cab driver yelled, tires screeching as he pulled out into traffic.

“Sorry,” Carmen said.

“What’s going on?” the driver yelled.

“People with money, power and influence are trying to kill me,” I said.

“Well thanks a lot for getting me involved,” the cab driver snarled.

“Just keep driving. You’ll be all right,” Carmen said, trying to calm him.

I looked over at her. We knew the odds of that weren’t good. The driver might be more involved than he realized.

Where to?” the cab driver shouted at us he pulled onto the freeway.

“Long Island,” I said.

“Long Island?” Carmen asked.

“When Dorothy Edwards moved to New York, she got a job as a reporter for a small newspaper in Long Island. Her plan was to eventually move up to the New York Times. I don’t know if she ever got the promotion she wanted, but that little paper she was working for is the perfect place to start looking for her.

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