The Cadillac Diaries: Episode 18

Bury Your Dead in the Sand

April 2008

A warm spring breeze drifted across the sparkling blue water, stirring the sleeping woman. Audrey raised herself up on one elbow and looked around, her small red bikini barely covering her rich tanned flesh.

“Logan?” she called out.

Getting to her feet, she walked to the pier’s railing and leaned out. She saw that Logan’s bag still lay in the sand where he had dropped it. Removing her sunglasses, she searched the surface of the lake.

“I know you’re out there somewhere. Your bag is still here,” she called out.

The water stirred, and a small ripple on the surface of the deep, dark water caught her attention.

“Logan?” she called out again.

Suddenly a figure emerged from the water, casting a wide spray.

Audrey leapt back out of the way, covering her face. Her golden brown hair bounced and gleamed in the sunlight. The man pulled himself up onto the dock, shook his head, then slicked back his hair as the water cascaded down his muscular chest like raindrops off a metal roof. Audrey, riveted to his form, smiled then snapped,

“You jerk,” trying to hide her attraction.

“What’d I do?” Logan feigned innocence.

“You almost drowned me with that little stunt, and I just put on lotion,” Audrey pouted.

“You’re amazing. I don’t see why you bother. It’s statistically impossible to improve what is already perfect,” Logan said huskily.

Clearly aroused, Audrey felt herself melt into his charms. She leaned in and kissed him, letting the kiss linger.

“Let’s get home before we’re arrested for indecent exposure,” she purred.

“Yes, my lady,” Logan said with a bow.

As he turned to retrieve his bag, Audrey watched him walk to the end of the pier. “When are you going to tell your wife about me?” she called.

Logan grabbed his sunglasses from his bag and said,

“As soon as you tell your husband.”

Audrey softly sighed. She really didn’t want to tell her husband about Logan until after he had left his wife. She was afraid he would back out, leaving her alone.

“Fine,” she said, a little upset.

When she took a step towards her towel, a strong breeze swept in and lifted it off the dock. It flew out into the water and landed with a soft splash, slowly sinking.

“Ooh, Logan, quick! Get it! I love that towel,” Audrey begged.

Logan looked toward the sinking towel and said,

“It’s pretty far out. By the time I get to it, it’ll be on the bottom.”

“Please?” she begged.

Logan sighed and said,

“You owe me.”

She squealed as Logan removed his sunglasses and dove in. He swam to where the towel had landed, took a deep breath and disappeared beneath the surface of the water. Under for what seemed like forever to Audrey, he finally resurfaced, holding up the towel.

“You got it,” she cheered.

As Logan treaded water, he yelled back,

“Call the cops, babe. There’s a van down here, and I think there’s a body in it.”

*          *            *

Up most of the night working on a small model car, Ray slept soundly. The perfectly assembled car, shielded in a plastic case, now rested on a nearby shelf. The model was a Chevrolet Chevelle SS, one of the cars he had always wanted when he was a boy. Suddenly the phone rang, jarring Ray awake.

“What!” Ray yelled, sitting up in bed startling Pete.

“Hey,” Ray snapped, “you’re not supposed to be up here. You’re on probation for eating in bed. Don’t deny it. I saw the crumbs.”

Ears down and head lowered, Pete looked at Ray, hoping for sympathy.

“Go on,” Ray commanded.

With woeful eyes, Pete stood up and dropped off the bed.

When the phone rang again, Ray reached for it and pulled it to his ear.

“What?” he growled.

“Ray, it’s Mavis,” the voice on the other end said.

Mavis, a bartender at The Horseshoe, was an old friend of Ray’s and a big fan of Pete’s. She treated Pete to beef jerky while scolding Ray for not taking better care of himself.

“Hey, Mavis. What’s up?” Ray grumbled.

“Tommy’s here, and he’s in a full blown paranoid fit.”

Tommy, a retired cat burglar and informant, was an expert in most occupations,  legal and otherwise.

“What’s wrong?”

“I honestly don’t know, Ray. He won’t talk to anybody. Just keeps mumbling something about needing your help,” Mavis explained.

“Let me speak to him,” Ray groaned.

There was a long silence while Mavis carried the portable phone over to Tommy. As she got closer to him, Ray could hear him mumbling incoherently.

“Tommy?” Ray called hesitantly as Mavis handed him the phone.

“He’s back,” Tommy said, panic in his voice. “He’s back, and he’s after me.”

“Who’s back?” Ray asked.

“Jerry’s van,” Tommy whispered. “They found Jerry’s van.”

Jerry was a friend of Tommy’s who had disappeared a good twenty years ago, along with his blue 1984 GMC van.

“Was Jerry in it?” Ray asked.

“Don’t know. They found seven bodies in the back, Ray. Seven dead bodies. And that’s not the worst of it,” Tommy said.

Ray felt his blood run cold and his heart slow as he asked,

“What else?”

“The heads and hands were missing,” Tommy said and dropped the phone.

After a moment, Ray heard the phone being picked up.

“What do you make of that?” Mavis asked.

“One of Tommy’s old cases has come back to haunt him,” Ray said. “It’s a case that almost killed him. Somebody who lives in Tommy’s nightmares to this day.”

“Who?” Mavis asked.

“The Ax Man,” Ray said.

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