The Exile: Episode 17

As Dudley pulled the truck into the airport parking lot, he asked,

“You sure about this trip, man?”

“Yeah,” I answered. On the way to the airport, I had shared what Jackson told me in the limo just before the accident. “Dorothy Edwards worked as a reporter in New York. I’ve got to get to New York and find out what happened to her. Maybe that will help clear up things here.”

“Huh?” Dudley asked confused.

“Dorothy was a cautious person, but something she said or did got the attention of Jackson and the people who murdered my family. I need to find out exactly what happened. And that means going to New York,” I explained.

“I’m ready,” Carmen said.

“Wait,” I protested. “You can’t leave Clifford alone. We have no idea what they might do if they lose track of me. They could use him as leverage.”

Carmen wanted to disagree but knew I had made a good point.

“You’re right. You should go alone,” she relented.

“Take care,” I said, patting her on the shoulder as I climbed out of the truck.

Walking toward the terminal, I turned and looked back at Carmen. She started to wave but let her hand drop.

I watched as Russell and Dudley both stepped in close.


*              *              *


I picked up the pace and began to run. I knew I didn’t have much money but I had no choice. I had to get to New York. When I reached the front doors, I went inside and looked around.

The airport terminal was busy. No one suspiciously loitering or out of place. “Looks safe,” I reassured myself.

Glancing up at the schedules, I saw that there was a flight leaving for New York in a few minutes. I quickly checked my pockets for metal and stepped up to the counter.

“One for the next flight out to New York,” I said, extending my credit card.

The teller scanned the card, paused, and then scanned it again. After a moment he handed my card back to me and said,

“Sir, your card has been declined. Do you have anything else?”

I lowered my head for a moment trying to think. Whoever was chasing me must have blocked my cards.

“Make it two,” a cheerful voice behind me said. When I turned around, Carmen smiled, slipped her arm through mine, and slapped her card down.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “What about Clifford?”

“Heckle and Jeckle said they’ll keep an eye on him,” she answered.

“Who?” I asked confused.

Carmen laughed as the teller handed her two tickets and her card.

“Heckle and Jeckle. You know. Russell and Dudley.”

As she took the tickets and tucked her card away, she said, “Come on.”

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