Dragon Fire: Episode 15

Nesmoru nervously paced back and forth on the balcony overlooking the river, his fists clenched and knuckles white.

“Where is the boy?” he growled in irritation.

When Nesmoru heard the balcony doors swing open behind him, he spun around and saw the bald man from his master’s cave approaching.

“Why are you here?” he snapped. “Does the master need me?”

The man, his head lowered, slowly looked up, and Nesmoru saw that his eyes were glowing red, not pale as they had once been. Nesmoru instantly dropped to his knees, his face and hands pressed to the floor.

“Sire,” he said.

The master looked down at Nesmoru with disgust, and suddenly the balcony doors slammed shut.

“You have failed me once again,” the master said.

“I am sorry, sire.” Nesmoru pleaded, “Please spare me.”

“Perhaps I will take your place. For now, though, you will live,” the master spoke.

“Where is the boy’s room?” the master asked.

“This way, sire,” Nesmoru said and hurried inside the palace.

He almost ran to Alidus’s room. Opening the door, he stepped aside to let the master enter first and then closed the door behind them.

Choosing his words carefully, Nesmoru timidly asked,

“Sire, if you stay here in the palace, how shall I address you?”

“Sire,” the master answered, running his fingers over Alidus’s bed.

“I understand, sire, but as king, it would not be fitting for me to call you sire, if someone were with us,” Nesmoru explained.

When the master turned, his angry eyes flared red.

Nesmoru immediately lowered his head and softly said,

“Forgive me, sire. I do not dishonor you.”

“You are right,” the master said after a pause. “You may call me Malinru.”

“Yes, sire,” Nesmoru said.

Malinru returned to running his hand back and forth over the bed as though searching for something. Suddenly his hand stopped, and he plucked a strand of hair from the pillow.

“Yes,” he said panting.

He lifted the hair into the air, examined it, then opened his mouth and swallowed it. Closing his eyes, he stood still, humming. His eyes sprang open and he said,

“The boy travels with two companions. Find them, and you will find the boy.”

“I have been searching, sire,” Nesmoru assured him.

“And only your ineptitude slows you,” Malinru said.

“What shall I do, sire?” Nesmoru asked.

“Place a bounty on the boy’s head,” Malinru ordered.

“I cannot place a bounty on the prince’s head,” Nesmoru protested.

Malinru glared at Nesmoru, who shrank under the angry eyes.

“Forgive me, sire. It shall be done,” Nesmoru said, his lips quivering.

“I will tell the one who keeps a secret watch on the boy to bring him this way,” Malinru said. “Place the bounty on the name Terrin and tell them he murdered the king and is responsible for the prince’s disappearance.”

“Yes, sire,” Nesmoru said, nodding his way out of the room.

Malinru turned to the window and smiled.

“Thalion, your son will be dying soon. I hope you will be there to greet him,” Malinru said.



*              *                *



Vanamir sat beside Terrin, still unconscious from the fever. Razham crushed a plant in his hand and sprinkled the fragments over the fire. As the smoke wafted up to his face, Razham softly chanted. Inhaling the smoke, he reached out and ran his hands across Brius’s body, blowing the smoke over him.

Vanamir watched as Razham worked.

“What kind of magic is this?” he asked.

When Razham did not answer, Vanamir directed his gaze to Terrin, a concerned look in his eyes.

After a few moments, Razham opened his eyes and said,

“You must not worry. Terrin will recover.”

Vanamir kept his eyes on Terrin as he asked,

“What happened to him?”

“What do you mean?” Razham asked.

“Back in the town,” Vanamir said. “His skin was on fire. We could not touch him. Then the dragon, very rare, passed overhead and saved our lives.”

Razham nodded then said,

“Do not think of it.”

Vanamir looked from Razham to Terrin and said,

“I have friends in Ethion who can help us.”

“I will ask Brius when he awakens,” Razham said.

“How is he?” Vanamir asked.

“He will heal now,” Razham said.

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