The Exile: Episode 12

Slowly I raised my hands as I felt the gun digging deeper into my back.

“You have been a difficult man to pin down,” a man’s deep voice said.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“That should be obvious by now,” he sneered.

“I honestly don’t know what you’re after,” I argued.

“Well in that case. . .” he began. Suddenly the pressure of the gun in my back eased, and I heard a low thump like a heavy weight hitting the pavement. When I moved forward and turned around, I saw that the man lay on the ground, stunned but moving. I couldn’t help noticing that he wore an expensive gray designer suit. No street thug here. Behind him stood Carmen, pistol in hand.

“I told you I wasn’t going to leave you alone,” she reminded me.

“You should have stayed with your grandfather,” I protested.

“Too late now,” she said pointing past me.

I turned and saw two men approaching, dressed in business suits like the man on the ground. They moved toward us slowly, weapons drawn. Whoever these men were, they must live a life of prosperity.

“Come on!” I told Carmen, grabbing her arm.

As we ran away from the building, I heard someone yell,

“Get them!”

Down the street, I quickly turned into a park and kept running, dragging Carmen behind. We stopped in some trees to catch our breath and figure out the next move.

“Why are they after you?” Carmen asked.

“I honestly don’t know,” I explained. “I would love nothing more than to answer that question. All I know is that for the last day or so, I’ve been running from them. They murdered my family, and they’re determined to kill me too.”

“So where’s your grandfather?” I asked.

“He’s all right. I left him with the neighbors.” Carmen answered.

“Are you sure he’s safe?” I asked.

“Should be; why?” Carmen asked.

“Because I wouldn’t put it past whoever is after me to use your grandfather to lure me out,” I answered.

I could see Carmen’s expression change as she began to worry.

“We should get back to him,” she said anxiously.

“Yes, we should,” I agreed, “but first we need to get out of here.”

I grabbed her hand and after a moment stood up and started moving through the trees.

When we reached the clearing, I hesitated looking left then right.

“All right, let’s go,” I said. Just as we started running through the clearing, a jeep exploded out of the trees and came barreling towards us.

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