The Exile: Episode 11

As I peered through the window, the man in the parking lot raised his hand and made a gun gesture.

“Who is he?” Carmen asked looking past me.

I didn’t give an answer. I had none.

Suddenly I spotted something on the rooftop across the street. There. A flash, a glint of sunlight on a rifle scope.

“Get down!” I yelled.

Turning, I grabbed Carmen and pulled us to the floor just as a bullet punched into the wall opposite the window.

“Grandpa, get down!” Carmen yelled.

When Clifford hesitated, I felt my nerves jump. I knew any second the old man would be shot. Quickly, I let Carmen go and dove for Clifford, pushing him down. Carmen rolled over toward me, grabbed the pistol, and began firing wildly in the direction of the sniper.

“Sorry, Clifford,” I apologized.

With the wind knocked out of him, Clifford could only nod his forgiveness.

“I think I got him,” Carmen said crawling up to me.

“Stay here,” I advised as I scrambled to the window.

Just as I leapt up and pulled down the window shade, I felt the ripple as a bullet tore past my ear.

Dropping back to the floor, I rolled over to check on Carmen and Clifford.

“You two all right?” I asked.

“What’s going on?” Carmen demanded.

“Whoever has been trying to kill me tracked me here,” I explained.

“That’s great,” Carmen said sarcastically. “How are we supposed to get out?”

Keeping low to the floor, I worked my way over to the front door. When I checked the doorknob, I found that it wasn’t hot.

“Okay. You two take the stairs down and head out front. They don’t want you; it’s me they’re after.”

“I don’t like leaving you alone,” Carmen protested.

“You have no choice,” I said.

Opening the door, I ran for the stairwell on the opposite end of the building while Carmen and Clifford made their way down the stairs. I had just entered the stairwell when a firefighter appeared on the landing and said,

“Come with me.”

“Thanks, I’ve got it,” I answered him as I descended the steps.

When I reached the landing, the firefighter spun suddenly and swung out at me with his fire ax. The fire suit made his movement slow, and I easily ducked the blade and came back with an uppercut, knocking him backwards down the stairs. After I ran down the stairs and leapt over the stunned fire fighter, he yelled,

“You can’t run forever!”

At the stairwell’s exit, I quickly pulled the door open and walked out into the bright morning sun.

“Stop!” a voice ordered just as I felt a gun press to my back.

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