The Exile: Episode 10

After Clifford put away the groceries, he and Carmen prepared lunch while I set the table. The two worked together as though they knew each other’s thoughts. It wasn’t until well after lunch that I was finally able to relax. Sitting on the couch, I reached for the remote and flipped through the news, looking for anything about what had happened during the night.

“Still here?” Carmen asked as she moved up to the couch and sat down.

“For now,” I responded.

We sat in silence watching the news, and without realizing, I let out a heavy sigh.

“Nothing,” I complained.

What?” Carmen asked.

“My entire family died last night in a house fire, and there’s nothing about it on the news. Either I’m crazy or someone’s covering it up,” I explained.

“Who?” Carmen asked.

“I don’t know yet,” I answered.

Suddenly, I smelled smoke and looked around to see where it was coming from. When I saw it seeping in from under the door, I jumped up and ordered,

“Get your grandfather!”

Carmen ran back into the bedroom as I checked the doorknob. When she returned with Clifford, I said,

“There’s no time to argue. They’re here and they’ve set the building on fire.”

“Who?” Clifford asked.

“Whoever burned my family,” I said.

“Won’t they just be waiting for you when you leave?” Carmen asked.

“Yes,” I agreed, “but they won’t be waiting for you. Go! I’m taking another route.”

“But. . .” Clifford began.

“No arguments! Go!” I snapped and moved to the window.

“I’m going with you,” Carmen said.

“That’s not an option,” I replied.

Opening the window, I looked out and saw a man dressed in a gray suit standing in the parking lot. When he saw me at the window, he cocked his head and sneered.

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