Dragon Fire: Episode 9

Terrin, confused and shaken from his encounter with the ogre, took Vanamir’s hand.

“Relax, boy,” Vanamir said clapping his hand on Terrin’s shoulder. “The danger has passed.”

Vanamir’s charming smile seemed to settle Terrin’s nerves. Terrin saw that the bowman was dressed in dark green with patches scattered throughout his garb, and his head was covered with a hood.

“I believe you came from this direction,” Vanamir said leading Terrin away from the ogre’s dead body.

“What is your name, or shall I give you one?” Vanamir asked.


“You do not look like a Terrin,” Vanamir said.

Terrin did not respond. He was not certain who he was or where he was.

“You are a quiet one?” Vanamir asked.

“Please forgive me,” Terrin said after a moment. “I do not know what to say.”

“Idle talk is not a virtue,” Vanamir said.

When Vanamir heard a rustle in the trees, he stopped suddenly and positioned an arrow to strike.

“What is it?” Terrin asked.

Vanamir raised a finger to his lips as he carefully scanned the treeline.

“We are being hunted,” Vanamir whispered.

“What shall we do?” Terrin asked.

Suddenly Vanamir shouted, “Run!”

Terrin fled toward the clearing as Vanamir kept close behind. Up ahead, Terrin thought he saw a fire.

“This way,” he yelled. “I believe I see a camp.”

After a few more yards, they broke through the trees into the clearing where they found Brius poking at a campfire with a stick.

“Greetings,” he said not looking up.

“Brius,” Terrin said, “something is chasing us.”

“You are mistaken, boy,” Brius said.

At that moment, out from the trees stepped Razham.

“It was you?” Terrin asked.

“We were worried. You fainted suddenly and were suffering a terrible fever. When we returned with firewood, you were gone,” Brius said.

Razham sat down by the fire opposite Brius.

“Who might you be?” Brius asked looking up at Vanamir.

“My name is Vanamir. I am a bowman and woodsman.”

“Well Vanamir the woodsman, thank you for your help. You may go now if you like,” Brius said.

“Where are you headed?” Vanamir asked.

“To the next town,” Brius said. “I am a merchant.”

“Woodsgate is just a few miles that way,” Vanamir said pointing in the direction they had come.

“That will not do,” Brius said. “The city is being attacked by ogres, and the tavern is on fire,” Brius explained.

“Then Silvercreek is the closest town, just over those hills,” Vanamir said pointing off in the distance.

“Yes, Silvercreek is where we will go,” Brius said.

“May I join you?” Vanamir asked.

“I thought woodsmen usually traveled alone,” Brius said.

“That is true, but I am in need of a new sword, and my bow must be restrung,” Vanamir said.

Brius looked at Razham, and the two men locked eyes for a moment before Brius smiled and said,

“We welcome you in our journey.”

Vanamir and Terrin settled around the fire and rested for the next day.

*              *              *

Early the next morning they traveled to Silvercreek. Looking up at the city gates, Brius cocked his head to one side.

“This is strange. Someone has always greeted us at the door.”

“Wait,” Vanamir cautioned.

Drawing an arrow from his quiver, he tied a rope to it and shot the arrow over the wall. When it landed on the other side, Vanamir tested the rope’s strength before pulling himself up the wall.

“Careful. They do not like intruders,” Brius warned.

Vanamir climbed up and scanned the other side before flipping over the wall. After a moment, the gate opened and Vanamir appeared.

“We have greater problems than our intrusion,” he said.

Pushing the gates open wide, they saw that the street was covered with dead bodies.

“This is not right,” Brius said.

“I was here only seven days past, and everyone was alive and well.”

“But the bodies look as though they have been dead for months,” Vanamir said.

“What happened here?” Terrin asked in shock.

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