The Cadillac Diaries: Episode 8 – Preview

…It was brisk cold day as Ray drove the Cadillac down Main Street enjoying the cold air blowing across his arm. Pete paced back and forth in the passenger seat moving from the open window back to the middle and then returning.

“Relax buddy everything is fine.” Ray said

Pete didn’t respond just kept pacing back and forth to the window.

As the Cadillac pulled to a stop Ray laid his head back and let out a breath.

“I have to admit I really thought getting out of there was going to be a little tougher.” Ray said

Before Pete could even respond a gun shot went off and a bullet tore through the back window of the Cadillac. Ray ducked his head and looked back as a black truck sped towards them. Ray slammed on the gas and the Cadillac’s rear tires spun as it pushed forward….

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