The Exile: Episode Seven

“Check the roof! There’s somebody up there!” one of the men yelled.

Two men rushed into the warehouse below me. I could hear them moving around and knew they would find their way to the roof and me. I figured this was the end.

Creeping to the edge of the roof, I kept my head low while I frantically searched for some way down. In the distance at the edge of the parking lot, I saw an open gate.

“There!” I encouraged myself. But my smile faded when I remembered that between that gate and me stood armed men.

I saw that on one side of the building, there were no signs of armed guards, just a couple of boxes tall enough to catch my fall. I quickly planned my escape through the gate.

Good thing the men inside the warehouse hadn’t yet discovered the ladder I had used to climb up onto the roof. Must not be too bright, I thought. Taking a quick breath, I ordered myself,

“Let’s go.”

When I dropped to the boxes below, they broke my fall with a thud. Before the men could investigate the sudden noise, I jumped up and ran as fast as I could for some crates stacked up against a wire fence.  Reaching the crates, I dove behind them for cover and caught my breath. I checked the open gate again and saw that two guards were standing beside it as though waiting for someone.

“What’s going on over at the warehouse?” I heard one ask the other.

“I don’t know. Prowler maybe?”

The other answered, “Nah. Probably just a cat.”

Jumping off warehouses and dodging armed guards have never been part of my lifestyle, so I had no idea how to pull this off. I did remember something I’d seen once in a movie and thought it might work. I was desperate, and it was all I had. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a quarter and threw it as hard as I could. The flying quarter hit a car and clinked, falling to the ground.

“What was that?” a guard asked.

“Don’t know. Wait here. I’ll go check,” the other answered.

One of the guards stayed by the gate and watched as the other walked in the direction of the sound. I held my breath and crept slowly toward the guard at the gate. I knew if he heard me, it was over. When I reached him, I quickly wrapped my arm around his throat, using my free hand to tighten my grip. As I continued to apply pressure, the guard struggled to breath.

After a few minutes, the guard finally passed out. I slowly lowered him to the ground and checked his pulse.

“Good. Still alive,” I told myself relieved.

I carefully removed the guard’s pistol from its holster and slipped through the gates, running as fast and as far as I could.

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