The Exile: Episode Six

“What in the world?” I asked in horror as I stared in disbelief at the dead.

Growing increasingly afraid and desperate, I looked around for a second door but found that it too could not be opened, even though I put my shoulder into the effort. The last exit, and my last hope of escape, was the bay doors, probably leading onto a loading dock. But I could not budge them either.

“I’ve got to get out of here!” I said aloud to myself. In my panic, I could hear my heart pounding.

All of a sudden, an idea came to me.

“The roof!” I said excitedly. “There’s got to be a ladder down.”

Looking around, I discovered a ladder heading up to a series of catwalks. I hurried over to it and began to quickly climb when I heard a door open.

“Thank heavens!” I said. “Someone has come to rescue me.”

Two men stepped through the open door, and when I saw that they both carried firearms, I kept quiet and tightly hugged the ladder rungs.

“I swear I heard someone,” one of the men told the other.

“Look around. There’s no one in here but dead bodies,” the other man answered.

“Yeah, but take another look. One’s missing,” the first man pointed out.

As the men searched the room, I held my breath and kept still. One move and the metal ladder I clung to would creak, giving away my position. Clearly, that was not an option for me if I wanted good health and a long life in my future.

The two men lifted one body after another, tossing each back in the pile with no respect for the dead. Not surprising considering they probably made these people dead.

“Place looks empty to me,” one of the men said.

The other man, hesitant to leave, finally exited the warehouse. I continued up the ladder toward the nearest catwalk and then made my way over to the roof. Grabbing the hatch door, I pulled it open and popped my head out.

The roof was clear except for a man perched at one of the corners with a rifle resting across his legs. When I looked around for something to defend myself should he spot me, I noticed a rusty metal pipe just a few feet away. I slowly crawled out of the hatchway, leaving it open to avoid making any sound. Inching my way towards the pipe, I slipped across the roof. Just as I reached down to grab the pipe, the sniper turned.

“Hey!” he snapped.

With no time to consider my options, I threw the pipe at his head and struck him across the jaw. He fell to the side and toppled off the roof.

“What’s going on up there?” someone down below yelled.

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