The Cadillac Diaries: Episode Six

Ray stood in his hospital room watching the parking lot from his window.

“Where in the world is he?” Ray asked.

Just then the door to his room opened, and Ray turned to see Detective Chambers.

“Hey, you snuck up on me,” Ray said smiling.

Chambers kept one hand in his jacket pocket, and Ray noticed the shape of a gun. Chambers didn’t speak, just motioned for Ray to follow.

“Are we going for a ride?” Ray asked, as they walked out of the room.

“Parking lot,” was Chambers’ only response.

In silence they exited the hospital and headed for Chamber’s patrol car. Upon reaching the car, Chambers opened the back door and motioned for Ray to get in. When Ray hesitated, Chambers removed his pistol and pointed to the back seat.

“We’re not going to do much talking are we?” Ray asked.

After a second gesture with the pistol, Ray said,

“Okay then.”

Ray slipped into the back seat and waited while Chambers slammed the door and climbed in the driver’s seat. He started the car  and pulled out of the parking lot.

“So where’re we going?” Ray asked.

When Chambers didn’t answer, Ray asked,

“Are we going for ice cream?”

“Quiet,” Chambers ordered.

“Hey, you can speak. That’s awesome!” Ray said.

“Shut. . .up,” Chambers said slowly.

After a pause, Ray asked, “Were you this silent before you shot your partner?”

“Quiet!” Chambers shouted.

Ray risked a glance backwards. The road had little traffic as they drove out of the city.

“I think you passed the ice cream parlor,” Ray said.

Chambers turned up the radio to drown out Ray’s voice. Laying his head back against the seat, Ray breathed deeply, trying to calm his mind and center his thoughts. Thirty minutes later, Chambers pulled off the road and cut the engine. Ray raised his head to look around. They had stopped at one of the parks on the outskirts of town. Chambers opened the driver’s door and stepped out.

“Did you bring me here for a picnic?” Ray asked as Chambers opened the back door.

“Get out,” Chambers said, grabbing Ray and pulling him out of the car.

Ray stumbled as Chambers pushed him forward.

“Who are you?” Chambers asked.

“Raymond Slats, retired cab driver,” Ray said.

“NO!” Chambers snapped. “You’re not just some cab driver.”

Ray hesitated then said, “I’m not?”

“Who are you?” Chambers asked again.

Ray thought for a moment then said, “Ooh, can I be a spy?”

Chambers shot toward Ray, the bullet punching into the ground by his feet.

“WHO ARE YOU!” Chambers yelled.

Ray looked down then back up and said,

“I’m less than twenty feet from you. How did you miss?”

Chambers raised his pistol, pointing it at Ray’s face and said,

“Never mind. I don’t care anymore.”

A gunshot rang out, and Chambers; pistol flew from his hand. Ray turned and bolted for the nearest grove of trees. Chambers recovered his weapon and began firing at Ray as he ran. With Chambers close behind, Ray knew he needed to play this carefully.

*          *          *

Furious, Detective Chambers chased Ray toward the trees. “How could everything go wrong because of one crazy old man? It was insulting and frustrating,” he told himself.

Where are you?” Chambers asked.

“So let me guess,” Ray said, hidden in the trees.

Chambers spun around and shot in the direction of Ray’s voice.

“You and Detective Waters became close. It’s what partners are supposed to do, after all. But it was a doomed relationship from the start. She loved you, but you were married,” Ray continued.

Chambers fired off another shot.

“You wanted nothing more than a fling on the side, but then came the bad news. Waters was pregnant and threatening to tell your wife,” Ray said as he kept moving among the trees.

Chambers turned and fired, hitting another tree.

“You had no choice,” Ray said. “She would have ruined everything. You’d be paying alimony to a wife and supporting a mistress. So you did what any self-respecting coward would do. You shot her once in the back and eight times in the chest.”

“You have no proof,” Chambers said.

“I have her autopsy report,” Ray announced.

“Detective!” someone yelled. Chambers whirled around to see another police officer, Detective Richard Clay.

Shocked, Chambers could only stammer, “W-w-what?”

“Is this true?” Detective Clay asked.

“It’s a lie, I swear. I was never even over at her house,” Chambers said.

“Then where’s your wedding ring?” Ray asked, stepping out from behind a tree.

Chambers looked down at his finger and felt his plan, his alibi, his resolve fall apart.

“It was an accident, I swear,” Chambers pleaded.

*          *          *

Tossing his rifle in a nearby patch of tall grass, Tommy hurried up to Ray just as Detective Clay was handcuffing Chambers.

“I can’t believe you called Clay,” Ray said.

“He didn’t,” Clay said.

Ray looked at Clay confused.

“Deborah asked me to keep an eye on you,” Clay said. “Thought you might get into trouble.”

Ray snorted, “That girl never listens.”

“Wonder where she learned that?” Tommy asked sarcastically.

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