The Cadillac Diaries: Episode Five

Ray sat back in his hospital bed. It was still early, and there was nothing on tv but old movies. Even though Tommy had just left to start his investigation of Chambers and his now deceased partner Carrie Waters, Ray was impatient for results. He turned off the television to think things over.
“While dying from multiple gunshot wounds, a police detective grabs her partner in a threatening manner. He is clearly worried about her condition but seems more concerned about the autopsy results,” Ray said aloud.
Swinging his legs off the bed, Ray stood up and walked to the door wearing a hospital gown over the top of a t-shirt and jeans. Once he was confident that the hall was empty, he stepped out and walked the length of the hall to the stairs. Making his way down, Ray headed back to the morgue. He opened the door slowly and peeked inside. The fat mortician was nowhere in sight, and a young woman moved about between the gurneys.
Ray considered his approach and settled on an idea. He quickly removed the hospital gown, took a deep breath to calm his nerves, and stepped into the room. Crossing over to the gurneys, he positioned himself behind one so that the long white sheet covered his bare feet.
“Excuse me, miss,” Ray spoke, trying to sound authoritative.
When the girl turned, he saw that she looked too young for this job. Her black hair was tied back in a ponytail, like a schoolgirl, and she wore large glasses that covered far too much of her face.
“Yes?” she asked nervously.
“I’m with the police department. There was a gentleman working here last night, a corpulent guy. Is he here?” Ray asked.
“That’s Gordon, and he’s left for the evening,” the girl said.
“I spoke with him earlier, and he should have left a report for me on an autopsy he did earlier,” Ray said.
The girl hesitated then said, “I’m not sure. If he did, it would be on his desk.”
Ray waited for a moment then said, “Well, go find it.”
The girl stammered then quickly turned and left.
“Wow!” Ray said quietly to himself. “That was easier than I thought.”
The girl rummaged around in a back office then returned carrying an envelope.
“Here you go,” she said as she held out the report.
The cover read    To the old man: Report
Ray took the envelope, thanked her and then quickly turned and left. On his way out, he could feel her eyes staring at his bare feet.
“Hey, wait a minute,” she said.
But Ray didn’t wait. He quickly exited the morgue and ran for the stairs. Upstairs Ray walked back to his room and sat down to open the envelope. As he read over the report, one sentence caught his attention.
“Subject has multiple gunshot wounds—eight to the chest, one to the back. The shot in the back passed through and seems to be the first shot.”
After Ray finished reading, he closed the report and stared blankly at the wall.
“So he killed her. But why?” Ray asked aloud as he stared ahead.
The television movie, a black and white, caught his attention.
“I love you,” the woman said. “Why doesn’t that mean anything?”
“I do love you,” the man replied, holding her shoulders, “but I’m married, and I can’t leave her. If she were to discover our relationship, she could have me destroyed.”
The woman pulled away and said, “I am already destroyed because I love a man who will never love me.”
Distracted by the melodrama, Ray stared at the television as tears trickled ran down the woman’s face. Suddenly the phone rang.
“Hello,” Ray answered.
“You know I hate investigating cops. And more importantly, I hate breaking into the houses of cops,” Tommy said.
Ray smiled and said, “What did you find?”
“Nothing much,” Tommy said. “Carrie Waters lives alone with two cats and a fish. Seems like a horrible combination if you ask me.”
“This coming from a guy who eats donuts with chili and beer,” Ray said.
“That was once and I regretted it soon after,” Tommy defended.
Ray laughed, “So did I.”
“I didn’t find much else. There were some old takeout food containers, what looked like a wedding ring, a pregnancy test, fish food and some overdue movie rentals,” Tommy said.
Ray thought for a long moment then said,
“The pregnancy test, positive or negative?”
“Positive,” Tommy said.
Ray opened up the autopsy report. According to the fat mortician, there was no sign of a pregnancy.
“It was a false positive,” Ray said.
Ray tried to put it all together but the pieces wouldn’t fit. The television program came to his rescue.
“I love you, but I won’t compete with her,” the woman said staring into the man’s eyes.
“I love you, too,” the man answered. “Give me time. I’ll arrange something.”
“I’m tired of waiting,” she warned.
Like a lightning bolt, it hit Ray. He returned to the phone and said,
“Tommy, I need you to take care of a few things.”
“What things?” Tommy asked.
Ray ran over a list of possibilities in his mind before answering.
“Not sure. This guy could be pretty random. The Cadillac should have everything you need. Stay close to the hospital. If I’m correct, he’ll be here in an hour, maybe less. When he shows, follow us,” Ray instructed.
“I’ll take care of it,” Tommy said.
Ray hung up the phone, hopped off the bed, and pulled on his socks and shoes. He tucked the autopsy report into his back pocket, picked up the phone, and dialed the police department.
“Police Department,” the switchboard operator answered.
“Yes, this is Raymond Slats. I need to speak with Detective Carrie Waters.”
There was a stretch of silence while she redirected Ray to Chambers. When a call came in for a deceased detective, it was standard procedure to transfer the caller to the detective’s partner.
“This is Detective Chambers.”
“Howdy, this is Raymond Slats,” Ray said. “I’m a retired seventy-one-year-old cab driver, and I’m currently in the hospital because of a mild heart attack.”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” the detective placated. “What can I do for you?”
“Well if I thought you’d be willing, I’d ask you to confess. But I’m guessing you won’t do that, will you?” Ray asked.
“Confess to what?” Chambers asked.
“Did I forget to mention that?” Ray asked. “Why to the murder of your partner Carrie Waters.”
Chambers responded with silence.
Ray waited a moment then said, “Oh and when you come, would you bring some gum?”

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