The Exile: Episode Four

I felt my breath freeze in my throat and my heart speed up as the girl paused in her answer to the man who had approached her in the parking lot.
“I saw someone push past me. He went running off that way and disappeared over those hills.”
“Thank you,” the man said. Then he instructed someone, “You two go that way and get after him. I’ll get the truck.”
Long after then men left, the girl squatted down and looked at me smiling.
“It’s alright now. You can come out,.” she said.
I scanned the area of the parking lot that I could see from underneath the car before I slowly crawled out. The girl extended her hand and said,
“I’m Jenny. Any explanation as to why those men are after you?”
I took her hand and said, “No idea. Look, I really appreciate your help, but I’ve got to keep moving.”
“Whoa. Ease up there,” Jenny said, grabbing my arm. “If you want, I could drop you off somewhere.”
I glanced around nervously and said, “I don’t want to drag you into this, whatever it is.”
She smiled and said, “I’m already in the middle, so let me help you out. It’s late and you look tired.”
I couldn’t hold back a sigh. Up until now, I hadn’t really thought about how tired I was.
“All right,” I finally agreed.
“Great,” Jenny said with a smile.
She opened the passenger door for me and hurried around to the driver’s side. I waited a moment, uncertain, but then sighed again and started to climb in. While she apologized for the mess, she moved her purse out of the passenger seat, pulling it close to her.
Once I hopped inside, Jenny started up the car and we pulled out of the parking lot.
“Not to sound ungrateful, but why help me?” I asked. “You know nothing about me, and as far as you know, what that guy said back there about me could be right.”
“Well was he right? Were you in his custody?” Jenny asked.
“No, I wasn’t. I have no idea who he is or why he’s chasing me,” I explained. “So why are you helping me?” I asked again.
“Let’s just say I’ve always had a weakness for strays,” Jenny laughed.
“I wasn’t always a stray,” I assured her, trying to smile despite my situation.
“So my full name’s Jennifer Howell, and I usually work the night shift here at the mall,” Jenny said. “What shall I call you?”
“My name is Wesley. Tell me, Jenny, do you always pick up strange men?” I asked struggling to keep my eyes open. The rush from fighting and running was starting to fade away, and I felt myself dropping fast.
“Not always, thank you very much,” Jenny explained. “You’re the first, actually.”
She pulled to a stop at a traffic light and waited for the light to turn green.
“Well I’d be a lot happier if people weren’t trying to kill me,” I answered.
“Why are people trying to kill you?” Jenny asked.
As I started to answer, a truck pulled up next to us. I glanced over and saw the men that had been chasing me. Quickly dropping down to the floor I whispered.
“That’s them. Move quickly.”
Jenny turned right, away from the truck, and sped away.
“Why are they trying to kill you?” Jenny asked again.
I pulled myself up in the seat and lay my head back, closing my eyes.
“I honestly don’t know. I woke up in my front yard with my house on fire and my family trapped inside. I don’t know what they want,” I answered sleepily.
“Have you gone to the police yet?” Jenny asked.
When I didn’t answer right away, Jenny began rummaging through her purse. After a few seconds, I heard her speak to someone on her cell phone,
“He’s here. . .yea. . .he’s asleep. . .Where do you want him?” she asked.

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