The Cadillac Diaries: Episode Three

Ray knew he didn’t have a lot of time left. He wanted the names of the officer and his dead partner, and he had to get them before the body got cold and the officer got too far away. He wished his equipment was with him, but Tommy would be bringing it, once he got the Cadillac. Until then, Ray was on his own. He closed his eyes and tried to remember the doctor’s name. If he could just remember the doctor’s name.
“Stupid old age!” Ray snapped. Used to be answers came quicker, but now the wheels didn’t seem to turn as fast as they used to.
Ray had an idea. The only trick was getting into the morgue. He circled the floor and found the front desk. The lady who had checked him in was still on duty.  Ray had to get her out of the way before he could find the answers he needed. He thought for a second.
“Skip that,” he said and headed for the elevator.
Hitting the button for the bottom floor, Ray waited, trying not to let the music distract him. When the elevator opened, Ray stepped out looking both ways before following the hall signs to the morgue. Stopping at the doors, he waited and thought for a moment.
“How am I going to get the attendant to talk to me?” Ray asked himself.
Despite his faulty memory, Ray’s ears still worked pretty well. He heard two male voices inside the morgue. One voice Ray recognized as the police officer he had spoken with earlier. The other had a bit of a lisp and mumbled, as though his mouth was crammed with food. Ray risked a peek and saw the police officer talking to a pudgy balding man squeezing a burrito in his hand.
“Wow!” Ray thought. “How can he eat in a place like that?”
He shook his head and scolded himself. “Focus, Ray!”
Dropping to a crouch, Ray opened the door just enough to slip in and waddled his way over to one of the occupied gurneys.
“Look, it’s real simple. She was shot every time in the chest. Nothing new. Understand?” the cop asked.
“But that’s not true. If I’m found out, I could lose my license and go to jail,” the doctor explained.
“Do it or I’ll tell everyone I saw you molesting one of the corpses when I walked in!” the cop threatened.
“But I wasn’t,” the doctor protested.
“Doesn’t matter. They’ll believe me,” the cop said jabbing his finger into the doctor’s chest.
The doctor sighed and dropped his hand, still clutching the greasy burrito.
“Get it done,” the cop ordered and turned to leave.
Ray ducked out the door and bolted for the corner as the cop exited the morgue.
He waited until he heard the elevator doors open and close. Moving out from behind the corner, Ray opened the morgue doors, making a grand gesture of it.
“Oh if I were to tell everyone what I just heard, you would be in so much trouble. Not to mention that detective would tell everyone that you molest the dead.” Ray pretended to hitch up jeans he wasn’t wearing, and in a fake Texas accent said, “That there’s worthy of a hangin’.”
“Not you too,” the doctor sighed.
“Look, chubbster, I’ll leave you to all the fun you must have down here if you do me a couple of favors,” Ray said.
“What?” the doctor asked.
“I’m going to need a copy of that report, the real one, not that garbage you’re going to give him,” Ray said gesturing in the direction the detective had gone.
“And?” the doctor asked, waiting for more.
“And in future, if I need help, you help with no argument or questions,” Ray said.
“And?” the doctor continued.
“How much more does this guy expect?” Ray thought to himself.
“And start exercising,” Ray insisted.
The doctor groaned.
Ray said, “Thanks,” and hurried out. “Tommy should be out in the parking lot by now with the Cadillac,” he assured himself.

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